Calling ALL CREATIVES in Nairobi

As part of an exciting new venture between Magiq Lens Kenya #MagiqLens & Shifteye Photography #ShifteyePhotography (MASH), every couple of months we shall be offering LIMITED FREE PHOTOSHOOTS to creatives in a variety of genres.


Culminating in a series of collaborative exhibitions at the Shifteye Studios.

To get involved with opportunity simply, SUBMIT YOUR BEST CREATIVE PROPOSAL, along with your portfolio, to info@shifteye.net with the subject heading MASHUP.

Whilst this project is mainly for In-Studio Shoots, if a compelling proposal is made for a location shoot, we would be open to shooting at a location outside the studio.

Submissions will be selected according to how innovative the concepts are in terms of technique, materials and topic/theme.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Call or WhatsApp us on +254712917426.

You can also DM us on here, on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.