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Calling ALL CREATIVES in Nairobi

As part of an exciting new venture between Magiq Lens Kenya #MagiqLens & Shifteye Photography #ShifteyePhotography (MASH), we are offering LIMITED FREE IN-STUDIO PHOTOSHOOTS to Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Set Designers, Art Directors and Fashion Stylists, starting from August through to October!

This opportunity is open to any of the above working alone or in teams of 2. To win a chance to have your concept shot for free, SUBMIT YOUR BEST CREATIVE PROPOSAL, along with your portfolio, to with the subject heading MASHUP. Deadline for submission is FRIDAY 16th AUGUST.

Submissions will be selected according to how innovative the concepts are in terms of technique, materials and topic/theme.


Once we review all submissions, we will announce the winners and get in touch privately with shoot details. Based on submissions there may be a chance to also be teamed up with another creative. Further details once we announce the winners.


Your submissions are your intellectual property and shall not be used for any other projects or campaigns without you or your permission.

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ALL new

food & Beverage

Photography Rates

Are you a Food Blogger, Head Chef, Restaurant Owner, Bar Owner, Catering Company, Gastro Pub or even a Hotel in Nairobi looking to make a strong visual impact online?  

Our brand new Food & Beverage Photography Set Menu below consists of Food & Drink Photography, Lifestyle Photography and Videography.

It's that dash of extra flavour you've been looking for to make you stand out amongst Nairobi's ever-growing hospitality industry.


Food & Beverage Photography Set Menu

All packages are inclusive of:

1). Pre-shoot consultation

2). Photographic equipment and studio lighting (if required) brought to the location.

3). Multiple angles of each dish (depending on the complexity of dishes and visual presentation)

4). Delivery by digital download in high-resolution JPEG and web resolution format. 

Not to fear, you can always order off the menu. Don't see a package that suits your needs? Or have a custom project in mind? We would be more than happy to do a Free Consultation  Custom Quotation for you.


Just drop us an email at or Call/Whatsapp us on +254712917426 and we’ll get back to you sooner than a shake of a lamb’s tail.

Additionally, if you have any queries about the packages above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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