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DJ VIDZA | Promo Shoot & Interview

I had the pleasure of catching up with my good friend and Nairobi's Queen of Tribal House, Dj Vidza. Vidza needed some studio photography done, to use as promotional material, so I decided to kill two birds with stone and turn it into a feature about the incredibly talented female DJ.

Vidza started DJ'ing professionally back in 2016, but her journey began a few years earlier whilst studying music at university. She had always had an interest in music and its various aspects (i.e. production, composing, DJ'ing, piano), and so decided to embark on her journey as a DJ.

Who is your biggest inspiration so far? I can’t name one person as an inspiration as I draw inspiration from so many different people. Annie Mac being one of them. Her career has grown over the last 12 years from TV to radio to DJ'ing all over the world. She is also a mother of two.

Noise on Demand inspires me too. One never feels like they are at a basic club/event when any one of them is playing.

My grandmother was a trailblazer in her time. Working in a male-dominated space in the 60s she rose through the ranks to become the first female MP in Kenya.

What is it about Tribal House music that drew you to it? I love the sound of African drums. Now combine that with house music. Awesome sauce!!

What is it that you love about the scene? I love that there is a growing house and overall music scene in Nairobi especially when it comes to live events. This has created many great opportunities for DJs to showcase their talent. Kenya is gaining more recognition globally too.

What’s the funniest/ most awkward moment you’ve had as a DJ? A drunk girl came up to the decks to say hi (in the middle of a set) and pressed the pause button in the process. The dance floor instantly looked at me. Awkward!

What do you personally consider to be the poignant moments in your artistic career? Two moments come to mind... The first being, given an opportunity to play alongside Noise On Demand at the very beginning of my DJ career. This in turn opened up other opportunities for me.

The second one was when I got asked by Jackie Queens to create a mix for “Women of House” (a show on Drums Radio).

What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming female DJs making? / What advice would you give to aspiring female DJs? I think many upcoming DJs think they need to be a certain way or exactly like someone they see on social media. I think that when you are starting out, it’s very tempting to want to be like someone else or emulate what you see on social media. Always be yourself and work on developing your craft and creating a sound that you love.

Any advice/words for promoters? Do your research on the DJ/s you intend on book and also on the target audience to make sure that they are a perfect fit.

What are some things that bother you about the DJ scene? As a female DJ, you have to prove yourself twice as much as a male DJ would. It takes more time to convince people that you are good at what you do, where as a male DJ can step up to the decks and its assumed he knows what he’s doing.

Female DJs are treated different and with less respect in some instances.

What do you do outside of the DJ/ Music scene? I work as a Video Editor and Producer.

If you could stage a mega party anywhere, where would you choose and why? Somewhere in Kenya! I think that Kenya is quickly becoming a live music hub in the region and could contend with Ibiza in the future.

And there you have it Ladies & Gents! It's always an absolute treat catching up with Vidza.

You can find her amazing mixes on MIXCLOUD. To find out and stay updated on Dj Vidza's upcoming performance dates and on all things Vidza related, feel free to follow her on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.

For booking, drop an email at

* Shot at Shifteye Studios, Nairobi, Kenya.

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